Thursday, May 22, 2014

End Of The Year Assignment

Here is your assignment for today and Friday.  Write a short story, at least three paragraphs, for each of the four types of writing we do in 4th grade.  These stories need to have a main idea, and details that support that main idea.   Make a copy of this page, and share it with me so I can look at it.  After you are done, please put all of your stories on your blog.(Add a picture if you can) Each one is a different post!  Take your time, and do your best!  Make sure you keep reading over your work and editing your mistakes!
  • Persuasive Essay:  Try and convince me to buy, or like something.
  • Come to Fareway and buy or all new sugar flakes they are high in calcium so the next time you pass by fareway stop by and by some SUGAR FLAKES!.

  • Informative Essay:  Write me a story about something that you know about.
  • I know that the statue of liberty is on liberty island in New York  City. The Statue Of Liberty is 305 Feet tall (93)M. The people of France gave the Statue Of Liberty to celebrate the relationship between U.S. And France.  

  • Narrative Essay:  This is a fiction story.
  • When i was 5 i went to candy land It was the dream of my life i took almost every single piece of candy there was so much i could not take it all. The candy was so gooooooooood but when my mommy brought me home i was gettting  fat so I had to go to the doctor the doctor said no more candy for five years he said i had to eat meat vegetables and fruit. I thought it was the end of my LIFE!  

  • Research Paper:  Research something, and write a story about it.
  • The Liberty Bell is a big part to America. The crack is ½ inches the bell cracked because on george washington birthday it was rung to celebrate but it cracked. On 1753 a new bell was made they rung it to test it the people said they did not like the sound. They melted it down and tried again on 1835 a new bell was made they put it up to test it they rung it to test the sound the people said they did not like it so they put the original bell back.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014