Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stranded on an Island.

One day I was heading to Hawaii on a curse ship, and there was a big storm so the driver spotted a little Island and he went towards the Island and we stayed there till the storm was over. At dawn we decided to leave but the ship was broken so we stayed there. People started to make houses out of bamboo and sticks. The only thing we had to eat, and had to drink was a banana and coconut milk. With worry and hope, we wrote on the sand SOS. Know one came for a week, so we thought that no one was going to come and find us.  We then went to bed, and at morning we started and started to collect food and I said to my friend where did you find that much food she said from deep in the forest. When we were about to go back to our homes, we saw a helicopter. We all ran towards it, and the pilot said, "More helicopters were coming to get more people." The first helicopter that came about ten people got on. The second  was a little bigger, so about eighteen people got on. I got on at the last helicopter. It was a long ride back to Iowa. When I returned home my family was very happy to see me, and asked, "How was your trip to Hawaii?" I said, "It was awesome!" When I went to sleep I dreamed about going back to that island, and I thought, if any body found that island, and destroyed it. In the morning I decide to find that island and show my family. In the morning I went to my boat and put some food and drinks and blankets on the boat and brought my family on we went to the island It took two days we slept in the boat and in the afternoon I saw an Island with houses on it. It was the Island that I was at. I showed my family all around the Island and showed them my home that I built we went home after that. When we got home, I was really tired they said maybe we will go there for vacation I said OK and we all went to sleep. The End!

Friday, December 6, 2013


For Thanksgiving we went to my grandma's house where there were a lot of people. There was a lot of yummy food and a Christmas tree with a lot of big colorful presents. My cousins played until supper was ready then we colored and put a jigsaw puzzle together. after supper we opened presents. I got a pink sweatshirt and a dress from my wonderful aunt. We have a family tradition we write down everybodys Christmas list and put them in a hat and draw two list out and who's every name we draw we buy stuff for them so we don't have to spend much money on thing. I thought that It was not fair but Christmas is about Family me my sister and my cousins went back down stairs to play until It was time to go home. It was a hour ride home from buffalo center. When we got home I went to bed and fell asleep and I thought In my head that was the Best Thanksgiving Ever!!